Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sansrival at Kape Manila

Kape Manila’s Sansrival is yummehhhhhhhhhhh!

P1020157 (Large) kape Manila

From now on, every time I fly back to Davao (from Manila), I’ll eat Sansrival at Kape Manila at NAIA terminal 3!


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  2. Hi, Migs! I'm Don of Kape Manila...
    I appreciate your comment...
    Are you a frequent flier?
    To show my gratitude, the next time you visit Kape Manila, please tell my staff to call me...
    Have you tried our coffee? Especially our best sellers - Choc-nut and Cream-O-ffee Frizzino...
    Thank you so much and we'll be waiting for your visit at Kape Manila.
    Ingat lagi! God bless!